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*Although this page is written in English, there can be some mistakes(in grammer, or in words) because Im' not good at English.

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This site

The site "in the Ruins of Memories" exhibits musical compositons by decoybird*, the site author. You can download and listen my compositions. Moreover, you can use them for free in your production, for example, web pages or videogames if you find some works good.

*I changed my HN from Kuro(Crow) to "decoybird".

Characteristics of compositions

In simple words, characteristics of my works are represented by a word "Dark-Phantasy".
I composed these works as BGM for Role Playing Games. So, in making some compositions, I featured classical or baroque music, and used characteristic instruments (organ, timpani,  harpshichord, strings, etc.) Therefore, my works might remind you of RPG.
Almost all of my works seems to be grave, sad, gloomy or sometimes even grotesque (because they are often written in minor keys or atonal). My friends call my works "dark" (in Japanese, this word has a different nuances). If you'd want to listen to or get a-little-odd music, this site might please you.

Terms of use

-You can use my works in your products for free.
-You have to credit the author or the site title,
when you publish products which contain my works.
-You are permitted to modify, change, convert the data you downloaded.
-You can redistribute the data of my works,
including arranged or modified data.

I will be happy if you use my songs.
When your product is published, please inform me via BBS or Email.

Site author: decoybird

(Last updated:2015/03/22)

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